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Project Description

The Government of India has undertaken series of reforms to make India into an easier place to do business. There is still a growing need to do a lot more to achieve the vision of becoming top State in EoDB. There are major requirements of business reform initiatives to be undertaken by the concerned Ministries and departments for promoting EoDB in the State. In this regard, MPIDC (which is the nodal department) has been on-boarded an AWZPACT Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd for development, upgradation & maintenance of INVEST Portal (Single Window System) and Information Technology related Development & Maintenance of State & District Business Reform Action Plan under Ease of Doing Business.

Project Modules

1.GIS Based Land Management System
i. Industrial Area Management
ii. Sector Management
iii. Plot Management
iv. Amenities Management
v. GIS Layer Management
vi. Plot Merging & Division

2.Investor Management
i. Investor Registration
ii. Investor Account & Profile Management
iii. EoI/Intension filling/Common Application Form/Project Report Submission
iv. Investor Wizard
v. Investor Dashboard
vii. Lead Management System
viii. Follow Up Tracking System

3.Land Booking System
i. GIS Based Online Land Identification & Searching Facility
ii. Land Application Based on FCFS
iii. Land Application Based on Auction Process
iv. Land Allotment Process including LoI, LoA, Application Rejection, Appeal, Lease Deed, Possession Letter etc.
v. EoI Management for Undeveloped Land
vi. Timeline Tracking
vii. Application Cancellation & Withdrawal Facility for Investor
viii. Auto Refund and Online Payment Refund/Disbursement
ix. Deemed/Auto Approval/Rejection Provision

4.Integrated Single Window & Clearance System
i. Common Application Form
ii. Service Specific Forms
iii. Monitoring Dashboard for Investor, IDC Users and Other Department Users
iv. Integration with Other Department’s Application

5.Industry Management System
i. Industry Data Migration & Verification Process
Ii. Industry Registration & Verification System
iii. Industry Account & Profile Management
iv. Lease Rent Collection
v. Water Bill Collection
vi. Electricity Bill Collection
vii. Online Lease Renewal System
viii. Land Transfer (Partial & Full)
ix. Plot Merging/Division
x. Annual Progress Report Submission
xi. Fiscal Incentive Module
xiii. Payment History & Bill/Invoice Management

6.User Access Management System
i. User Management (Investor, Industries, IDC Authorized User, Other Department User)
ii. User Role Management System
iii. User Role wise Permission Management
iv. Access Management
iv. User & Activity Log Management


7.Business Intelligence Utility
i. Dynamic Dashboard
ii. Statistics
iii. Graphs
iv. Performance Analysis
v. Utilization Report
vi. Alert, Notification & Reminders
vii. MIS Reports
viii. Payment Reconciliation
ix. Personalized Dashboards
x. Decision Support System

8.Centralized Inspection System

9.Grievance Redressal System

10.GST & TDS Compliant System

11.Additional Modules
i. Public Portal
ii. Unified Payment Collection System
iii. Centralized Online Payment Disbursement & Refund System
iv. Centralized Document Management System
v. Feedback Mechanism
vil. Inline Communication & Online Query Module
viii. Adhaar Based e-Sign Facility
ix. SMS & e-Mail Alert & Notification 


Process Flow

Project Detail
  • Category - Government
  • Client - MPTRIFAC
  • Technology - Java,Oracle,Spring Framework
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