Ready made E-Commerce Solution

Ecommerce portals are rapidly evolving. They are also emerging as a convenient alternative to conventional shopping. Awzpact Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd. offer several services that enhance the features of your e-commerce portals.


1.            Integration of the desired payment gateways 

2.            Shopping cart solutions

3.            Flexible web transactions

4.            Secure maintenance of encrypted data

5.            Inventory control system

6.            Multiple shipping systems

7.            Ready to use store front

8.            Complete software management

Awzpact Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd. offer the finest e-commerce services. According to the requirement and preference of the clients, we are able to create, modify as well as publish the required web content for the e-commerce portals. We ensure that our services are able to cater to the differing needs of products, services and different types of companies. It is also important to keep in mind the kind of market which is targeted by a particular e-commerce portal so that we can manage the services accordingly.