Virtual Private Hosting(VPS)

AT&S Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) offers a completely customizable solution for your hosting needs. With our VPS SEO hosting you can get full control and enjoy a customized hosting environment that suits best to your own specific requirements. Our VPS Hosting plan is fast and cost-effective. State-of-the-art hardware, full root access and affordability makes our VPS hosting an ultimate choice for growing businesses.

VPS Hosting at
AT&S takes your web business to a next level. Our VPS hosting plans are an ideal combination of price and power. With added privacy you can also enjoy full control, flexibility and scalability by opting for VPS hosting. At AT&S, we provide you full root access. You will not only get full control but you will also get the power to install high-tech software and configure web applications catering to your specific requirements. Our VPS hosting takes you one step ahead of the shared hosting environment. VPS SEO Hosting gives you all the benefits of a dedicated hosting server, as far the functionality is concern, without bearing the added expenses of dedicated hosting.

AT&S , we offer both fully managed and semi-managed VPS hosting plans. You can select the VPS plan that is best suitable for your business. Our VPS Hosting plan provides an ideal combination of shared hosting and dedicated servers for new growing businesses.


We guarantee the best prices for Cloud servers in India


AT&S runs all servers exclusively on fast SSD and deploys only the latest Intel processor generation


You can choose between servers based in INDIA and servers based in  WORLD


Your data security is our top priority. We use hardware RAID 5 and backup your data automatically for your peace of mind