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Project Description

In order to re-design and develop an electronic mode for conducting survey and organise the existing system for the consumer facilitating the consumer with the functionality of selecting the slot for survey as per convenience , MPMKVVCL wanted to develop a mobile application in order to re-structure the existing process of conducting survey on the fields for various service connections. 

1. To ensure that the surveyor can conduct survey as per the geographical and organisational limitation assigned to the surveyor for the application collected through various modes.

2. To ensure that the surveyor can fill down the complete application for the consumer at consumer's doorstep as request by the consumer on call.

3. To ensure that the surveyor can collect the registration fees for new service connection from the consumer from their doorsteps .

4. To reduce the communication gap between the consumer and the surveryor.

5. To facilitate the consumer with the service connection required in a minimum time frame. 

6. To ensure that the track of the cash collected can be maintained. 

7. To ensure that the surveyor can view the pendency and work done on the single platform and with much more features 

Henceforth, SURVEKSHAN - Mobile Application has been developed for the consumers of MPMKVVCL belonging to rural as well as for urban areas so that the survey of the application applied for the service connection can be done online and minimum time frame.


android   bulkuploading

Compatible with any Android Version.


Bulk Uploading of Survey Details no need to upload the surveyed data one by one. 

land_records   budget

Transparent and accurate system


User - friendly interface for easy usage.

search   Third_Party_Applications

Tracking of the Application status can be done.


Easily Integrable with any of the Third Party Application.


Project Modules

uam   online_application

User Access Management

Empowers to choose which members of the organization have access to view/edit particular documents, modules, or even locations by managing user specific permission through UAM.


Online Application Filling

Module for filling Application form for availing various services online through Mobile 

profile   app_action

User Profile Management

Manages the complete details of the user with the information of the geographical location he/she is permitted for.


Application View / Track

Module for viewing submitted application of the user and taking appropriate action as per the details provided by the user.


Monitoring Mobile Dashboard

Has User specific dashboard for monitoring the work done and remaining for users and administration


Alerts & Notifications

Facility of intimating the consumer via SMS or email alerts as and when required of various services.



Easily Integrable with Third Party Applications




Key Features

analytics   android

Pending vs Total Analytics

Android Based Mobile Application provides analytics about the total no. of surveys pending versus total surveys allotted


Compatible with Android devices

Android Based Mobile Application compatible with every device & Android version.

registration   monitoring_dashboard

User Information

Android Based Mobile Application display the user information on the user dashboard with details like name of the user and current date


Monitoring Mobile Dashboard

Has User specific dashboard for monitoring the work done and remaining.

pending   summary

Pending Survey Analytics

Android Based Mobile Application provides the details of the surveys pending on the current date as selected by the surveyor


Payment Collection & Summary

Android Based Mobile Application provides payment collection summary report which is collected against the request catered via calling mode

mode   calculator

Bifurcate the Application via Mode

Android Based Mobile Application provides the bifurcated  details of the application collected through web and through request on call on the dedicated helpline no.


On-Board Load Calculation

Has Add-On functionality for power sector (services for customer) application for Calculation Load & Power Consumption.

calendar   geolocation

Scrolling Calendar

Android Based Mobile Application provides in order to filter out survey information and plan the same through the calendar belt provided.


Geo Location Mapping

Android based Mobile Application provides the geolocation mapping of the assets of the company to the consumer.



Our Valuable Clients


M.P Madhya Kshetra Vidhyut Vitaran Company Limited, 

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


Project Detail
  • Category - Government
  • Client - MPMKVVCL
  • Technology - Java,Android,SQLite
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