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Patel timber Inventory management system based portal for product sales and purchases record.

Inventory management is the practice overseeing and controlling of the ordering, storage and use of components that a company uses in the production of the items it sells. Inventory management is also the practice of overseeing and controlling of quantities of finished products for sale. A business's inventory is one of its major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until the item sells.



Patel Timber Successful inventory management involves creating a purchasing plan to ensure that items are available when they are needed but that neither too much nor too little is purchased ,where companies plan to receive items as they are needed rather than maintaining high inventory levels, and materials requirement planning.


  • It improves the liquidity position of the firm by reducing unnecessary tying up of capital in excess inventories.
  • It ensures smooth production operations by maintaining reasonable stocks of materials.
  • It facilitates regular and timely supply to customers through adequate stocks of finished products.
  • It protects the firm against variations in raw materials delivery time.
  • It facilitates production scheduling, avoids shortage of materials and duplicate ordering.
  • It helps to minimise loss by obsolescence, deterioration, damage, etc.


Project Modules

User Dashboard   User Access / Permission Management

The user can monitor on daily and on real time basis the details of the user type, no. of users, no. of parties, no. of estimates generated, no. of challan entered, details of goods returned, no. of users whose payment has been revised and details of the discount provided. 

Along with, Total no. of paid challans, partially paid challans, Unpaid Challans and Goods never purchased details from a single interface.


Through user access management, the administrator can manage I.e. Add, Edit, Delete, Enable, Disable and Search any User Created, User Type and User Permission for giving access to the modules or submodules of the project to the desired user only.

Inventory Management

Through Operations Management, the administrator has the right to monitor the operational details related to the parties, prices, quotations, challan, goods, payments, discounts, accounts along with the reference list, Through Operation Management the administrator can perform actions like Add/Edit/Delete/Search/Sort/Enable/Disable and can manage the purchase and return history, view PDFs of PI/Quotations/Challans on customer to customer basis from a user friendly interface providing complete access to the data.

  • Party Master : The administrator has the right to Add/Search/View Estimate/View Challan/View Goods Return/ Edit, Delete & View Customer Details/ View Purchase & Return History. 
  • Price Master : The administrator has the right to Add/Search/Edit Price of the Goods on customer to customer basis.
  • Quotation Master : The administrator has the right to Add/Search/ Convert the quotation to challan/ view PDF of PI & Quotation/ View & Edit PI and Quotation.
  • Challan Master : The administrator has the functionality to Add/Search/View Challan PDF/View & Edit Challan in the following Master.
  • Goods Master : The administrator has the right to view/edit/view PDF of the goods returned by the party on party to party basis alone with a unique return no.
  • Payment : The administrator has the right to add /edit / delete / search the payment received details customer wise along with the details of mode of payment done and date of payment. 
  • Discount Master : The administrator has the right to add /edit / delete / search the discount details given to the consumer along with the reason for discount, the user has the right to sort the information as per the record in ascending and descending order.
  • Account Management : The administrator has the right to delete / search the account adjustment record through the Account Management Module of Inventory Management System.
  • Reference List Management : The administrator through the following module can view the reference user list, view the reference user details and edit the same on customer to customer basis.
Reports   General Setting Management

Through the report management module of inventory management system the user can download various kinds of reports required for the needful analysis for stock management, payment recovery etc.


Through General Setting Management of Inventory Management System, the administrator / user has the right to change password and take back up of the data as and when required.


Project Detail
  • Category - Private
  • Client - Patel Timber & Plywoods
  • Technology - PHP,HTML,Java Script,CSS,MySQL
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