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Om Auto & Sons formed in 1985 is celebrating it’s 29th year. It is an HMSI dealership in Bhopal. Om Auto & Sons is a partnership firm managed by Col. G.K. Pande (FIE, AMBIM) and Ashish Pande (B.Tech) who are both technocrats with varied experience.

Om Auto was the first two wheeler dealership in M.P. and 4th in India to get ISO 9001:2008 certification in May 2003 for its Quality Management System and Processes. Customer satisfaction, striving for success, goal orientation, employee welfare and development, business ethics and continual improvement are mantras on which the foundation of this institution is based. Employee retention has ensured consistent performance and good service delivery to customers through experienced, trained and skillful workforce.

Om Auto & Sons Pvt. Ltd. is an Automobile selling company situated at Bhopal, MP. The company has dealership of Honda Automobiles. The company has also a service point, for providing all types of servicing of honda vehicles, also deals with spare parts and accessories of its vehicle. Company has mainly concerned with three departments: Sales, Service and Spares Parts.

This is a application which can be used by a automobile center for keeping the records of items which is to be transacted for purchase and sell. It helps to keep a record of all the transactions and a password login is created for security.

In proposed system we do not have to maintain everything manually. Throught this system if any transaction occurs it is corresponding entries is done automatically because database management system gives facility of having relationship between the table.

About Project

Om auto is  with so many positive synergies, strong leadership and commitment Om Auto & Sons’s golden journey on the back of satisfied and ever increasing customer base has just begun.

The main objective of the Automobile Management Solution is to manage the details of Charges, Booking, Services, Automobiles Customers. It manages all the info charges, booking, services, purchase. The purpose of this application programe to reduce the manual work for managing the sales, purchase, spare parts etc. It track all the details about the services, automobile customers.

  • Easy to generate report for any transaction.

  • It is very much faster than manual system.

  • Easy and fastest record finding technique.

  • It is very much flexible to work.

  • Man power required is very less.

  • Data can be stored for a longer record.


The OM automobile sales all types of products. This automobile has to purchase these products from Company and sell them to customer.

Each phase about automobile company activity is as under:


i) First of all the owner has to search manually, count and find out those products from the stock, which are less then required (minimum stock) and order for those product to the Company.

ii) When Company supply these product then the record of the purchase invoice is also be recorded manually.

iii) At the end of each month the Company send a monthly statement, which contains the total purchase of the month, and this statement is also be recorded.

  • STOCK:

Each time whenever the owner wants to know about the current stock of any products then he has to count all the products manually. No registers are maintained to store the stock database and hence whenever required the stock information cannot be obtained.

  • SALES:

i) In existing system the manual Bill-book is maintained for billing and the accounts of all the customers who purchase by their credit are maintained in separate register book. Now whenever the reports about monthly purchase, stock and monthly sales etc. are needed the work becomes very tough and time consuming. The new system is proposed to computerize all the above activities so the work becomes easy and accurate.

Project Detail
  • Category - Private
  • Client - Om Group India
  • Technology - PHP,HTML,Java Script,CSS,MySQL
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