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SUDHAAR is an SMS based online reporting and real time monitoring system overcoming the problem of remoteness. The sole idea is to have the activities of all the schools at our fingertips. At the inception we are monitoring the attendance of students and teachers as well as school's opening time by a simple SMS. The head master sends the message in required format within required format. The data base stores and analyze the data, and sends alerts to the higher authorities as shown in the flowchart. For example if a school's data is not received the Jan Shikshak gets the alert and if a school repeats that, authority next in the hierarchy gets the message. Above all at the top, Collector,CEO and DEO get to see the information through internet.

The Web & SMS based Sudhar Application has been developed to track the multiple information related to School at the ground level. Schools located at rural area, having no broadband connectivity so the reporting, monitoring & information retrieval is the challenging task and on-paper/manual reporting and information retrieval taking so much time. “Sudhar Application” is the best solution for instant reporting system because now days everyone having the Mobile Phones and the mobile network is also available at rural area. So we have planned for the SMS based reporting system for the instant reporting.


 IT explores MORE"


The government programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA), Rastriya Madyamik Shiksha Abhiyan(RMSA) have definitely increased the enrollment ratio in the schools. But they are not succesful in retaining students and improving the presence of teachers. As it is not possible to monitor every school directly, we thought of an online application based on mobile networks. As in these days mobile network penetration is very deep , the data gathering and information dissemination through mobiles works easily and effectively.

I) This application is running successfully in the first phase of the campaign, we are getting Headmasters to send messages about school opening time, teacher and student presence, delivery of midday meal and distribution of scholarship, cycles, uniforms and books.

II) Over time, the use of this tool will be extended to School Management Committees (SMCs) for triangulation of information.

III) Data will be received through SMSs from HMs everyday and Collector, CEO-Zila Panchayat, and relevant departments will monitor the reports generated.

IV) Our modest hope with this initiative is that real time monitoring will encourage school administrations to improve basic levels of efficiency, reduce instances of misreporting, and fix accountability with the HMs.

V) As the message of SUDHAR cascades down to the people pressures of social accountability mixed with administrative attention will gradually drive the system towards self-correction.


Project Modules


User Access Management

Empowers you to choose which members of the organization have access to view/edit particular documents, modules, or even locations by managing user specific permission through UAM.


Data Management

Helps Department personnel to keep track of schools , principal personal details, teachers / student records and other details


Attendance Management

Managing attendance or presence in a school setting to minimize loss.


Mid Day Meal Management 

Managing the budget and quantity of allotment of food grains  through an electronic mode, ensuring proper delivery of food grains  to the entitled students


Financial Management

Deals with the financial aspects of Nagrik Apurti Nigam (NAN) deductions, net pay etc. and generation of vouchers for making payment against a specific period computed electronically.

  Manpower Management

Manpower Management

Empowers you to  managed the  manpower /resources of the BRC, NAN, SHG details along with other geopgraphical details. 


Monitoring Mobile Dashboard

Has User specific dashboard for monitoring the work done and remaining for users and administration


Fare Price Shop Management

Manages the complete details of the fare price shop tagged along with the information of the geographical limitation of the FPS.


Material Management

Manages the complete details of the stock of the food grains, with complete usage and availability details as per the records shared by the school authorities.


Alerts & Notifications

Facility of intimating the consumer via SMS or email alerts as and when required of various services.


Key Features


Secure, Centralized Data

Manage all blockwise schools data and provides administrative actions by a user acess management system only from a single login, complete details related to school like principal details, total no. of students and teachers are managed at central location. Search various record and analyze attrition reports - all from the user dashboard as per the access.


Track time and attendance with ease

Eliminate errors through automated data entry. Effortlessly consolidate attendance data from multiple devices, and create timesheets.


Self-service features help you save time

Features that allow to update daily attendance of the teachers and students in a single shot, maintains log times, and other information sent as per the SMS format defined. Higher Authorities can access all info about schools, have control on approvals, allotment management, and even track presence of the teachers and students.


Automate workflows and set reminders

Reminders for key events and more can be scheduled easily. Configure SMS alerts in your organizational account for important data shifts. Also delegate and track any and all tasks from one single place


Custom tailored

Create custom forms for add/delete/view/edit the mid day meal and much more. Define functions to connect smoothly with third-party applications



Project Detail
  • Category - Government
  • Client - District Jhabua
  • Technology - PHP,HTML,Java Script,CSS,MySQL,Long Code SMS
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