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Indore Indira

Indore Indira Business School is a leading business institution in central India. It’s purpose is to develop successful leaders with cutting-edge business insights, who can deftly meet the challenges of the ever changing business universe. Success in today business world lies in the ability to thrive in an increasingly complex environment. We offer world-class programs, designed keeping in mind the latest industry trends and are backed by a team of highly qualified and proficient faculty. Our programs not only provide meaningful insights into the new business trends but also prepare students for the challenges in the real world.

Our primacy is to ensure that students understand how theory meets practice across all functional sector. We create many options for students to rub shoulders and match wits with industry leaders throughout the year. These cooperations are not limited to internships, live projects and case conversations. The students organize and moderate summits and panel discussions that bring together experts, thinkers and practitioners from India and abroad. Students also comfort from intensive mentoring by committed and enthusiastic industry professionals.

A rich and lively student-teacher interaction is at the heart of Indore Indira success. Our faculty members are known to be great teachers, who can bring alive the subject, uplift critical thinking and offer a wider, holistic perspective that is critical in today's complex business environment. Our faculty members are drawn from academia, industry, government sector and non-profits. Collectively, they bring in a wide range of experience in building and delivering knowledge and skills to prepare participants for leadership roles.

Indore Indira provides a post graduate program in Business Management, which is AICTE approved. This program imparts new skills to adopt a business wide perspective and enables individuals to become effective strategists, organization builders, and leaders. The curriculum of the post graduate program is in constantly updated with the current business requirements an developments. The first year lays the foundation of general management practices which prepares for various business functions across all industries. From Finance to Human Resources and from Marketing to Operations, these fundamentals not only equip to be functional across the length and breadth of the organizational setup but also provide the platform for choosing the right specialization in the second year The second year of the program consists of a rigorous, action-oriented, and collaborative learning environment which develops outstanding business leaders who can achieve results in all market climates.

A perfect modern Library & Information Centre caters to the ever growing information and intellectual requirements of the students, faculty, and researchers. The Library has one of the finest collections of latest management publications. It provides learning data in the form of hard copy, audio/video, CD-ROM, and other electronic forms. It has an excellent collection of reference / textbooks and periodicals related to various disciplines. Regular addition and extension of books and journals effectuates the knowledge demands of the faculty and the students.