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Category: Government
Location: BHOPAL
Technologies: Java
Status: Running

“PRAYAS” is the project initiated by MPMKVVCL, to re-engineering the existing process to overcome and built a strong framework for essentials in an organization. 

“PRAYAS” is aimed towards the legitimate verification and authorization of employee’s attendance using biometric solutions indeed integrating with the Aadhaar Card credentials, having a surveillance on employees through attendance and facilitating services like transfer of employees, payment disbursement, leave management, etc by integrating various process in to one. 

What ails nearly every Government Organization?

  • Improper Man-Power Planning.
  • Favoritism/Nepotism.
  • Unauthorized attachment of employees.
  • Exact deployment of positions are not Known.
  • Late comers & unauthorized absenteism.
  • Non execution of Transfer order.
  • Tours and Inspections are only limited on paper.
  • Unavailability of Employees.
  • Manage erratic shifts of employees.

We have the Perfect Solution for such problems "PRAYAS"

  • Online Presence recording system. No human interference.
  • Two step online process.
  • Execution and enforcement of transfer order is a two step process.
  • It is inbuilt into system as he can mark his presence only at the designated place as per tour.
  • PRAYAS throws up such distribution instantly.
  • It is built in design of the project itself.
  • Online System due to which real time transactions are there and audit trail is instaneously available.
  • Available to all employees instaneously.
  • Inflated satisfaction.
  • As one can objectively know duration of posting, and coversion records.


I)  A Centralize Online Attendance Register. 

II)  Employees cannot mark the attendance in back date. System can automatically track the In Time & Out Time  so company can monitor the employee properly. 

III) Transfer processes are now managing by Web Application. After approval employees getting the online, on  mail & SMS notifications. 

IV) No Paper work involved, everything is automated & transparent.

V) Location & Department wise count of employees & employee management becomes easy because of  centralize registration & monitoring. 

VI) System automatically generate the Attendance Sheet of all the employees.

VII) A dynamic dashboard is available which is showing all the statistics of the attendance on daily basis at centralize level.

VIII) Attendance Officer can generate the attendance sheet on monthly basis & release the salary.


employee_management   leave_management.

Employee Management

Helps HR personnel to keep track of employee's personal details, medical information, salary details, attendance/leave records, employee performance and other details


Leave Management

A platform that enables a company to easily and correctly allocate, track and grant leave as well as allow for employees to request and track their own leave

attendance_management   tour_management

Attendance Management

Managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee time theft.


Tour Management

A platform that enables an employee to easily and correctly manage, track and apply tour as well as allow for employees to request and track their own tour.

ta_management   payroll_management

TA / DA Management

Managing the travel and dearness allowance through an electronic mode, enhancing the accounting for audit trails etc.


Payroll Management

Deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period computed electronically.

transfer_management   uam

Transfer Management & Requisition

Employee transfer is the most important part of an organization which allows the company to shift, the employee from one department to the other. The system allows the employee to request transfer by applying online along with the complete work flow, generate transfer orders and digitally sign the same.


User Access Management

Empowers you to choose which members of the organization have access to view/edit particular documents, modules, or even locations by managing user specific permission through UAM.

device_management   Employee _Grievance _Management

Device Management

Device management is an administrative module that is used for managing or configuring the physical devices  used for marking attendance  at various location as per the OS of the Organisation.


Employee Grievance Management

An employee grievance is a concern, problem, or complaint that an employee has about their work, the workplace, or someone they work with—this includes management. The  Module permits  to raise employee grievance online,  auto forwarding to concern for redressal and track its status

Annual_Confidential_Report_Management   Centralized_Salary_ Disbursement

Annual Confidential Report Management                          

The Module facilitates to record annual confidential report online through the employee login  e-sign the same and auto roots to the concerning officer for remarks and grades making the complete work flow of ACR Online.


Centralized Salary Disbursement

A salary disbursement is the amount of money a salaried employee receives each payday. However, unlike the wages paid hourly workers, a salary isn't based on the amount of time worked. The system allows to disburse the salary computed centrally directly into the account of the employees as per the monthly cycle of org.


  • This Biometric Attendance System is based on Aadhaar Authentication (Fingerprint & Iris Based Authentication).

  • It is an attendance system with real time authentication & monitoring.

  • The system has comprehensive MIS.

  • It is compatible with multiple platforms (Windows, Android, etc.) and form factors (Laptop, Desktop and Tablets etc.)

  • Time taken to Record Attendance is as low as 2 Seconds.

  • System is integrated with the communication channel of SMS. A user gets SMS’s from the systems at various levels like after registration, on end of attendance cycle of each month.

  • Every employee have their own account in the system.

  • Employee can plan their leaves, tours & meetings in system and submit to reporting officer for the approval.

  • The System has an in-built Attendance Status management system wherein an employee is-

                            (a) Present

                            (b) Absent

                            (c) on Half Day

                            (d) on Leave

                            (e) on Tour

  • Online Employee Transfer Module will generate the online transfer orders, and employee will receive the SMS & e-Mail alert.

  • After generation of Transfer Order, Attendance System will accept the attendance only from the new location of employees.

  • All the Reporting & Attendance Officers will always tagged with respective Link Officers, so that Link Officer can work in system when Reporting or Attendance Officer is on leave.


1.) Achieved SKOCH Smart Technology Award in 2015 for “PRAYAS” APPLICATION MPMKVVCL.The Skoch Awards celebrate human excellence and agents of change in Indian society. The Awards are based on the philosophy of spearheading positive socio-economic changes through recognising persons who have contributed immensely to salutary transformations in society and governance by displaying exemplary leadership abilities.

SKOCH Smart Technology Award 2015 is an initiative towards recognising top performing Technology Users, Technology Implementers & Technology Providers across sectors, organisations and departments. These include, amongst others, Central and State Government Departments; Financial Sector; Municipal Corporations; Smart Cities; State Owned Enterprises; State Government Undertakings; Private and Multinational Organisations; and, Organisations engaged with the Government – operating at local, state and national level. The areas include Cloud/Mobility/Apps; Education & Skill Development; Urban Development; Solid Waste Management; Water & Waste Water; Agriculture and Organic; and, Power, Renewable Energy & Batteries, and so on. It is a step towards encouraging, recognising and promoting the best applications of technologies across sectors.

2.) The IUKAN ACCENTURE – Utility Best Practice AWARD 2015 For People Management & Development. This Awards aims to bring out a compendium of the best practices taken up by utilities and their partners in order to drive improvements in systems and service delivery. The Awards intend to bring a paradigm shift in the way a utility looks at its Grounds Team, which are the actual Asset / Wealth Manager for the utility.

A Utility focused Management Consulting firm specializing in research and consulti mplementation on emerging business models in India. Our key focus rest in private utilities – their go-to-market strategies; customer intelligence & business analytics; financial modeling and bid advisory; and performance monitoring and improvements.

3.) PRSI Award 2016 for Corporate Film (English)- Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), the national association of PR practitioners was established at kolkata in 1958. It was set up to promote recognition of Public Relations as a profession and to formulate and interpret to the public, the objectives and the potential of public relations as a strategic management function.

The PRSI National Awards recognise outstanding contributions by organisations and demonstration of industry leadership in the fields of Public Relations and Corporate Communications. They endeavour to raise the performance bar of Public Relations and Communications in India by fostering healthy competition among corporates. The award winners were selected by a distinguished jury.

one     two

Attendance is been marked using VID / Emp. ID / Aadhaar No. and Biometric Impression.


Auto-generates the attendance sheet of the user on the defined timelines

three     four

A dynamic dashboard in order to monitor the presence of the users.

    Functionality of filling electronic confidential report
five     six

Multiple Modes of availing the facility Online.


Pay-roll and Other HRMS Modules